Spiritual Healing Advanced

Spiritual Healing Advanced

40 minutes

Advanced healing of the Seven Chakras is aimed for clients who are experiencing stress, anxiety and have been affected by events that have had a detrimental effect on them emotionally. This will help detox the body from harmful energies and toxins stored up in the body. The process initiates rejuvenation and DNA repair, bringing the body back into balance. Great for anxiety and depression, this option is also great for clients suffering from joint aches and pains. This session will definitely help you to relax while healing of the energy fields. This involves intense healing of the Chakras balancing the human light bodies (aura) including the body meridians. The session is complemented with light fragrances and healing sounds to help you relax.

Please note: Spiritual Healing does not claim to cure however, the estimated time of healing is a guide according to the condition and preference of the client. This enables the client to heal themselves. Each person heals at different rates.

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