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The Holistic Approach

Modern mainstream medicine is nothing short of miraculous, whether you're based in the local area or anywhere around the world. Many are turning to "The Alternative Medicine Practitioner". Experts agree that we can be too quick to request prescriptions to cure what ails us – perhaps the answer for some health conditions could lie in alternative medicine. As well as providing much needed rest and relaxation, at Agile Spiritual Healing we specialise in natural healing, using channelled energy through the Spiritual Healer. Great for treating aches, pains, alleviating anxieties and stress. Light fragrances, frequency sounds and colour therapy are used to compliment the service. We also offer Spiritual Counselling, Stress Management, Meditation Development & Self Development, plus more. If this sounds good to you, contact us through our booking form

Agile Healing

Spiritual Healing is a natural process to balance a persons energy. We believe that there is a place for both modern medicine and holistic treatments when it comes to what's really important. Make sure that you are fully able to be your best self, day in and day out. Once you make an appointment with us, we'll discuss what we do with you directly, so if you have any questions or concerns, we can address them with you.

Healing Process

The procedure can be performed sitting in a chair or lying on the the observation table. Once the Healee is relaxed energy is channelled through the practitioner's hands working through the chakras from your crown down to your base chakra. Every part of the energy meridians are covered. Healers work with their hands from a few feet to at a few inches away from the body, to bring the subtle energetic layers of the persons energy (various subtle bodies that radiate from the physical body) field back into balance. This enables the person receiving healing to heal themselves. A light touch may be involved in the process. Non-contact healing may consist of the light touch of the feet to ground the energy of the Healee. If there's a persistent issue the client is experiencing, such as physical symptoms this area may require contact, which is the procedure Agile Spiritual Healing employ.

Ideal For Pregnancies

During pregnancy, many women choose to opt for alternative and natural treatments, rather than reaching for conventional medication. Good for helping with pregnancy aches and pains, offering some much needed stress relief and downtime. Spiritual Healing is an alternative treatment and popular option for use during pregnancy.


1. I think I have a condition and I have not seen a doctor is it okay to have healing?

If you have a condition and haven't seen a doctor to treat those symptoms, or confirm your diagnosis, healing will be refused. It's better to get yourself checked out immediately, you may find that you need urgent medical attention. Once you have been seen by your doctor you can come back to A.S.H for a healing session.

2. Is Spiritual Healing Reiki?

Spiritual Healing is similar to Reiki, however not the same. The practice does not involve symbols or crystals. With Spiritual Healing it starts by treating the whole person from the outside in. The effects or sensations may vary for each individual. Spiritual Healing and Reiki involve channelled energy, what's required for both is the pure intent of the healer.

3. How do I make a booking?

If this would be your first booking you are required to complete the form with your details and select general enquiry. Specify the date you would like to book. When you have recieved a response confirming that the date and time is available, then you can make your booking and pay for your desired session in part via deposit or in full, then your booking confirmed on a first come first served basis. It is required that you pay in advance to secure that booking for that day, as the center will be open exclusively for your session. You can check to see the opening hours (session bookings) section of the page. Payments are refundable if a cancellation is made within 12 hours prior to the time of appoinment. If the cancellation notification is 2- 3 hours or more prior to the appointment the client can rebook and the initial payment will be honoured. If the cancellation is an hour before the session the payment is not refundable. You may opt to pay a deposit to book your session if your are uncertain, the same rules apply. Send a message with your enquiry and those arrangements can be made for you.

4. I call and the mobile phone is not answered? 

If you call and the phone is not answered a session is motion and the phone can't be answered. Please leave a message or send a text and the call will be returned at the earliest available opportunity.

5.I have arrived early, I pressed the buzzer and there's no response?

If you have arrived early, the previous session may not have finished, you'll be permitted to gain access to the waiting room on the second floor, wait in Unit 16, you will be attended to as soon as the previous session has finished.

6. Is the healer Male or female?

The healer is a Male.

I'm a female or under the age of 18 can I recieve healing?

 If you are female you may wish to bring someone with you. If your under the age of 16 a guardian/parent must be present with written parental consent, forms will be provided.


I do not think I need an hour or fourty minutes of healing. Is there a way to minimise the time so that I may have it more frequently and a reduced price?

Yes , everyone is different with specific needs. A tailored session can be requested to meet your holistic needs. Some individuals require more regular sessions for their progressive healing needs, to obtain their optimum well being. Once you have had your consultation with the Healer a customised plan can be devised for you.


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