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The Holistic Medicine Approach

Welcome to Agile Spiritual Healing, the holistic approach to your optimal well-being, located in the heart of Wolverhampton city centre.

Modern mainstream medicine is nothing short of miraculous, whether you're based in the local area, the West Midlands or anywhere around the world. Many are turning to "The Holistic Medicine Practitioner". Experts agree that we can be too quick to request prescriptions to cure what ails us – perhaps the answer for some health conditions could lie in alternative medicine. As well as providing much-needed rest and relaxation, at Agile Spiritual Healing, we specialise in natural healing, using natural channelled energy through the Spiritual Healer. This complimentary healing therapy is great for treating aches, pains, alleviating anxieties, energy drains and stress. Light fragrances, frequency sounds and colour therapy are used to complement the healings service, plus more. If this sounds good to you, contact us through our booking form.

What Is Spititual Healing ?

Spiritual Healing is a natural process to balance a person's energy (Chakras, Aura, or Energy Field). The process will holistically treat the mind, body soul and spirit to initiate self-healing, than treating individual symptoms.

What May I Experience?

A person may experience warm or cool sensations as the energy is working through the energy fields to the body. Some may release buried emotions (tears), or a slight increase of breath, inhaling more oxygen. Pressure may be felt or released in and on the body. The body has a lifetime of buried emotions, memories and feelings stored up in the body's Chakras and Aura, some good and bad. An imbalance can appear in the energy field over time and can cause dis-ease, before it manifests itself in the physical body. If you are experiencing aches, pains, recovering from cancer, surgery, bereavement, depression or addictions, Spiritual Healing balances and initiates healing for the body to re-align itself, to its original state for optimum bodily function. 

Spiritual Healing Is Ideal For Pregnancies

During pregnancy, many women choose to opt for the holistic natural healing alternative, rather than reaching for conventional medication. Energy healing is ideal for helping with pregnancy aches and pains, offering some much needed stress relief and downtime. Spiritual Healing is an alternative treatment and popular option for use during pregnancy.


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Spiritual Healing Reviews

This feeling of relaxation remained with me throughout the long drive back home. It wasn't until the next evening that I noticed that my back pain had subsided. Would I recommend Agile Spiritual...
Gary Mcleod

I had a great time, very professional. A polite and friendly service.

Cintia Ferreira

I recommend Agile Spiritual Healing because during the healing, I felt the heat flowing through my meridians and balances the energy in my body. All the blockagess in my body gone. Still now I...

Agnieszka Frydrych

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